Are Online Casinos Better Than Casinos?

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When playing any online casino game, everyone wants to have the most advantage possible. Can players have a better chance of winning at land-based or online casinos, keeping the player edge in mind?

RNG For Land-Based Casinos

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The important word when discussing the odds in games at land-based casino like Genting Sky Casino in Malaysia  is authenticity. You may anticipate fair results in any table game that uses actual dice, wheels, and cards because no computers are in charge of them. All RNG components used in table games are affected by a variety of external variables, such as the wind speed or felt the texture of the table. Every roll of the dice, turn of the wheel, and deal of the cards produces real outcomes when the contextual variables are present.

RNG For Online Casinos

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The outcome of a dice roll, roulette spin, or croupier deal is determined by a sophisticated RNG algorithm used by real money online casinos. Every contemporary slot machine and video poker machine, including those seen in physical casinos, adheres to the RNG standard. Everyone may now play slots and other casino games for real money thanks to the RNG algorithm.

The “random” function of a program is not the same as the RNG systems employed by online casinos because these can be predicted by some individuals. Online casinos utilize random number generators that use the MD5 algorithm to produce unpredictable outcomes. A key-value pair or seed is sent through a challenging mathematical equation to make this work. Each seed is derived from a real-world element, such as the system clock that powers online casino games.

Any online casino game that has a “play” button might quickly produce a result after you press it. What you see on the screen is a computer simulation of a casino table game’s sounds and visuals. To determine whether you win your stake, there are no virtual dice, wheels, or cards.

Are The Odds At Online Casinos Better Than Land-Based Casinos?

Both land-based and internet casinos provide players with the same odds of winning based on the player’s edge. This includes the possibility of winning the progressive slot jackpot award at an offline or online casino. This assertion, however, is only accurate if both varieties of casinos maintain consistency in the RTP of their offerings. In comparison to online operators, land-based casinos have almost no influence over the RTP of their table games. However, casinos transfer the advantage against the players by using rigged equipment or having dishonest dealers. On the other side, unregulated online casinos are probably going to have rigged software that gives them an unfair advantage.

Land-Based Blackjack Odds Vs. Online Blackjack Odds

Blackjack Game

Blackjack is the only game offered that has better odds at an online casino than in a physical casino. Card counting is a strategy that players might use to their advantage at actual blackjack tables.


In the HI-Lo technique, cards from 2 to 6 are valued at +1, cards from 7 to 9 are valued at 0, and cards from 10 to aces are valued at -1. When each of these cards comes, players change the running count they are keeping in their minds. To obtain the true count, players split the running count by the number of decks in the shoe. Players can strategically choose the amount of their wager for their following hand based on the true count. Players should place larger bets when the true count is greater and smaller bets when the genuine count is between negative figures, according to the Hi-Lo card count. Keep in mind that the Hi-Lo method is just one of many card-counting systems.

How To Improve The Odds At An Online Casino

The winning strategies listed below will increase your edge whether you’re playing at a physical or online casino.


Play Free Slots Online

Imagine playing a brand-new slot machine and activating a bonus feature that offers you the option of more free spins with a lower bet multiplier or fewer free spins with a higher multiplier. There are also skill-based slot games available, which allow you greater control over your chances of winning but require practice before you can get a big reward. You may learn which bonus feature offers higher slot odds by playing free online slots.


Apply Fundamental Techniques to Table Games

Utilizing a game’s fundamental strategy is always preferable when you are unable to count cards or when using a betting technique generally results in emptying your bank account. Knowing which table game choice to select in each circumstance might increase your chances of winning at the casino, such as splitting a pair of aces in blackjack if it’s an option. Your odds of succeeding at other casino games can be considerably increased by using simple blackjack methods and other helpful strategies.


Identify Low-House Edge Games

There are some variations of an online casino game that offer greater chances than others. An excellent example is a European roulette wheel, which only contains one zero square in contrast to an American roulette table’s two zero squares. European roulette features a tiny house edge because there are fewer numbers available for the ball to land on.


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